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Google Adsense login- 3 reasons why Adsense is critical for content sites

Google Adsense login- 3 reasons why Adsense is critical for content sites: To understand why Google Adsense is crucial for your content websites. First, you must know how it works. The idea is undoubtedly easy if you think about it.

Google Adsense login- 3 reasons why Adsense is critical for content sites

What is Google Adsense?

Adsense is an Ads distribution platform of “Almighty Google.” Here Google provides ads for webmasters or publishers. These ads are coming from advertisers by Google Adwords (now ‘Google ads’).

How do you make money with Adsense?

Adsense provides a JavaScript to the webmasters to implement this script into their website header (header.php) section. On every occasion your web page is accessed, the JavaScript will pull advertisements from the Adsense program.

The ads will display on your website, and if a visitor clicks on an advertisement, you get a portion of cash depends on CPC (cost per click) which is decided by Google Adsense.

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google adsense login

How much does Google pay for ads?

Depends on what bids are done by an advertiser for the specific ad and what CPC decided by Adsense for publishers. Here are two major factor of earning the first one is CPM (cost per impression), and another one is CPC (cost per click). It also depends on your visitors where to comes from.

To better understand about CPC rates you can use Google keyword planner (free) or download Keyword everywhere (free chrome extension).

So, if you want Adsense payment for your content site, you must write good content for global visitors and reach over 10,000 visitors per day to earn approx $30 or more every day.

Why is Adsense critical for content sites?

Actually, it’s not only three, but there are many reasons for choosing this best platform to monetize your website or blog.

 1. Adsense provides ads related to your content and your niche (You can choose any niche for your site).

2. Paid best CPC rates compare to others.

3. Adsense Offers CPM and CPC both for appreciating your hard work.

4. Google Adsense is the most trustable platform worldwide.

5. You don’t have the shortage for ads (because every advertiser wants to run ads on Google Ads).

6. You can monitor Google Adsense earnings and manage your ads by easy to use dashboard.

7. Adsense ads served globally (That’s why we said to write the post for the global audience).

8. Option for choose ads by text ads, image ads or video ads or all as your website theme.

9. Google Adsense pays your earnings to your bank account without any trouble.

10. Google Adsense provides support and forum where you can solve your Adsense related issues and queries.

11. And also Adsense have auto ads which means you don’t need to set your ads manually. Auto ads are automatically shown ads on your website.

That’s why Google Adsense is critical for your content site. Now if you ask, what is the process to create Google Adsense account?

First here are some tips for Adsense approval

  • Your age is above 18yrs
  • Use custom domain
  • Create pages (About us, Disclaimer, Privacy policy, and Contact Us)
  • Use custom specific email (for easily approve Adsense)
  • Use neat & clean theme design
  • Write 15+ readable and unique post and use Copyright-free Images
  • Read Google Adsense policies carefully
  • And recheck your blog for ensuring its comply with AdSense policies

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Here are the simple steps for Google Adsense login-

1. To Google Adsense login first, you can create Google Adsense account with your Gmail account after sign up you can log in your “Google Adsense account”. (Must be given your real information for healthy business growth with Adsense)

2. In the next step, you need to add a code (Adsense provide a JavaScript to insert in the website) in your website header section, and you have to wait for Adsense approval.

3. Adsense review your site, and if approved they mailed you with a secure pin (Estimated time taken by Adsense from 3 days to 1 month).

4. Once your Adsense account is set and you collecting your Google Adsense earnings, first, you must fill out your tax information according to your nation rules.

5. When you reach your Adsense earning threshold $10 Adsense send you a pin at your home address to verify your residential address.

You must enter this pin in your Adsense account.

6. Now it’s time to wait for your Adsense account reach threshold $100 you can withdraw your Adsense earnings in your bank account.

Now you know of why Google Adsense is critical for your content site and how you can create your Adsense account. It’s time to think why you don’t have a website or blog.

And if you want to create a blog, you can read this step by step guide How to create a website or blog site for useful information.

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