Affiliate marketing in India

How to start Affiliate marketing in India-easy steps for beginners in 2018

How to start Affiliate marketing in India-easy steps for beginners in 2018-

Affiliate marketing in India is a simple and fastest growing way to make money online. In this article, I will show you how can you earn a passive income through your computer with affiliate marketing in India.

However, so many big companies give this opportunity to Indians to earn money online with Affiliate marketing in India. Some big name as Amazon. In, Flipkart, Ebay. In, Snapdeal and many more.

So today I will show you how can you do affiliate marketing with Amazon to earn money online. You can also apply this same strategy to any other affiliate programs.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a simple system to market other person products or services to online users to get a commission. For do this process, you can get an affiliate link of product or service you would like to promote and share this link with others on the internet.

If anyone buys a product through your affiliate link, you get a commission.

In India Amazon is the best affiliate program. The best part of this is if a person clicked your product link and not purchased at the time, a ‘cookie’ store in his/her system for next 24hour.

And then after some time the same person clicks your link and purchase a product within 24 hours you can get a commission as well.
You can promote your affiliate product through these ways-

1. A website or blog

2. Youtube videos

3. Social Media and other methods

But today I will cover the best process, which is first one through a website or blog.


How to start Affiliate marketing in India

Here is step by step process to promote your products from Amazon India and make money online.

You can follow this-

First Step- Select product type which you want to promote online

First, click this link and select your category which is most suitable for you. in a sense you have some knowledge and interest about in this field. It is essential for future when you write an article about your product you do well.
And also before you finalize your type of product, you can also check the commission rates of your selected product type.
I recommended you take some time to research and finalize your niche or topic.

Second Step- Make a website for your product type

Well, you finalized your niche, and now next step is to make a website or blog. The site is the best way to promote any affiliate products.

Its give an opportunity to make money online just like real passive income.
Nowadays a website making is so easy and straightforward. Youtube has so many videos on how to make a website in minutes. I will also share a video link to learn.

( How to make a website on WordPress in Hindi )

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To make a website, you need to buy a domain and hosting

 Get your free domain with best hosting plan click the Get Started button

Third Step- Now join Amazon India/ Flipkart Affiliate Program

After setup your website structure and install the WordPress now time to signup your account of Amazon affiliate program. After filling your details, Amazon will want to know about your website details.

If you have no article on your site, make sure some article posted on your site.

If you have no article on your site tell them your promotion idea with your website they will approve it.
You can also check Flipkart affiliate program and then select one which has a higher commission of your chosen category.

However, Amazon affiliate program is most popular in affiliate marketer in India.



Fourth Step-Choose the product you want to sell

In this step, you can choose the product which you want to promote. If you have decided firstly which product you want to encourage, then you go upside and search your product in the search box.
Otherwise, you can go to the Amazon Bestseller page. And select your category and pick one product which has an excellent rating and positive reviews.
You can choose a product which is doing well it is beneficial for you as a beginner.

Fifth Step- Write an excellent article for your product

If you want to earn money with your website, it is necessary to write an excellent article of your product. Make sure your content is readable and unique for getting high volume free traffic. And also be honest with your readers because they trust you.
The content writing is an art, and you can also do well after sometimes. But I have listed some ideas for you on your excellent writing:

Here are 5 ideas for content writing for your affiliate site

1.Discount or Offer Articles: In this type of article you can share the coupons codes and the best deals which are available in your niche.

2.Product or Service Reviews: Product or service reviews is the excellent technique to write an article on an affiliate site. In this method, you can share your experience with a product or service with others and help online users to buy the product or not.

3.product or Service Comparison: Write comparison article with two or more products with all features and benefits and also price value. It is beneficial for other buyers to make a decision.

4.” How to” Articles: “How to” articles are always the best method to generate sales if you do correctly. These type of article solves a problem to others who can find a solution. E.g. “how to lose weight” article with your affiliate links to products which are worked well for your site.

5.”Top 10 or 5″ Articles: You can also write Top 10 best articles which is also attract more readers and buyers. This type of articles is getting higher CTR which means you get more buyers for free. Here are examples:

  • Top 10 best smartphones under rs.10000
  • Top 5 best running shoes in India

Sixth Step- Adding Your Affiliate Link to Post

After writing your post make sure to add your affiliate link in the article. For this, you can go to the Amazon India Associates page and simply click “link to this page.”

After that right click on the link and copy the whole link address.

Now add a buy button picture in your article, after that click on the buy button and click edit and paste your affiliate link in custom URL section. And make sure check “open link in a new tab” box to open new window of your affiliate product website. Now click the update and publish your article.

Now its time to check your affiliate link, so click the buy button it will take the buyers to products website page. Where users can buy the products, and you will make money.

Well done.’

Your website is ready now you can promote your articles with your social media and another platform to make money fast.

How can check your income on your Amazon Associates Account?

After some time you can check your earnings in your on Amazon Associates Account. If anyone clicks your link and buy something, your earning shows in earning report page.

Affiliate marketing in India

So In this article, I will try to resolve your question “How to start affiliate marketing in India” and what is the process to do with the website.

This method works with all affiliate sites and products. Like Jabong, Flipkart, and Snapdeal.

Make sure your readers are become buyers so make good content and give them some value. It is the key to attract more traffic and getting sales.

If you have any doubts, please leave a comment. And also if you find some value in this article, please like and share with others.

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